The Mule Deer Foundation (MDF), a non-profit wildlife conservation organization dedicated to ensuring the conservation of mule deer, black-tailed deer and their habitat, recently announced the appointment of Ryan Bronson and Brian Fienhold to its Board of Directors.

Bronson is the Director of Conservation for Federal Premium Ammunition in Minnesota, and the company has been involved with MDF as a Corporate Sponsor for years. Bronson said, “We really got involved because, one, MDF is heading in the right direction; and two, mule deer are an iconic species of the West that needs help.” He continued, “We’re a company that has a long conservation history, and I’m someone who cares deeply about conservation personally, so getting more involved makes sense.”

Bronson acknowledged that, though he is not from mule deer country, there is a whole array of potential MDF members in the East. He concluded, “The Mule Deer Foundation is an organization that is trending upwards and doing well. We want to be part of that.”

Brian Fienhold became involved with MDF several years ago when he attended a few events in Houston, Texas, that piqued his interest. He soon met MDF’s local Regional Director and then-chairman Kenn Loch who both began to involve him with a number of other MDF activities. He said, “Charlie Stockstill and Kenn Loch were instrumental in driving my interest in the organization.” He continued, “It’s a real privilege and pleasure to work with the different folks involved with the Mule Deer Foundation, and it’s an easy group to get behind because I think MDF has a great story to tell.”

Fienhold helped charter the Fort Bend Chapter in the Greater Houston Area and is now acting as Chapter Chair. He said, “We had our first banquet last year and have our second one coming up in May. We welcome everyone, so if you’re in the area on May 16th, come on down!” For ticket information, contact Brian at 713-412-3067 or

Images courtesy Mule Deer Foundation

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