Warden Amie Egstad of Bayfield worked with Recruit Warden Cara Kamke on snowmobile trails in the area by snowmobile as well as by squad. Egstad found operators generally have been very good with registrations and displaying their non-resident trail passes on their snowmobiles. Some warnings were issued for failing to have their snowmobile safety cards with them.

Wardens Egstad and Kamke issued several citations on Chequamegon Bay for fishing without a license, undersized brown trout, fishing without a Great Lakes Stamp and failure to register snowmobiles.

Wardens Egstad and Kamke had two separate snowmobile fatality incidents they investigated during the month — including one in Bayfield County and a double fatality on Lake Superior in Ashland County.

Warden John Windt of Hurley investigated a CWD complaint of dumping deer carcasses in Iron County. Upon investigation the complaint was not valid. No deer carcasses were being transported from a CWD zone.

Warden Windt worked the snowmobile patrol after recent snow in the Hurley area. Windt issued numerous warnings for loud pipes, trail passes and decals not displayed, also warnings for illegal operation on roads.

Warden Brad Biser of Brule responded to a call about a fox problem in Iron River. The description indicated that the fox had mange and was observed hanging around buildings. The fox was later found dead in a resident’s garage.

Warden Schartner issued a citation to a coyote hunter in Sawyer County this month for hunting within 50 of a road center. The landowner/complainant called Schartner the day after the incident took place, explaining he spoke with the hunter and only became alarmed when he located the buckshot in a tree within yards of his horse pen.

Warden Schartner contacted a Barnes town resident when he failed to place a protection fence near the open water by his docks on both the Middle and Upper Eau Clair Lakes. The fence is required and gives warning to lake users of the open water conditions near the docks.

Warden Schartner continues to work with the Drummond Town Board members concerning the opening of town roads in Drummond to ATV/UTV traffic. Schartner printed maps and materials for informational purposes so an ordinance can be formed and sign requirements are known.

Warden Schartner contacted four local fishermen on local area lakes in an attempt to educate them about the requirements of having their names on their ice fishing shanties, using an easy-to-read marker instead of a court date to gain compliance.

Warden John Krull of Superior received a letter of commendation from the Superior Police Department for work done on a case involving numerous break ins/thefts from vehicles parked along Wisconsin Point this past summer.

Warden Krull worked snowmobile enforcement around the Superior area after an all-day snow fall. Krull issued three citations and gave numerous warnings for snowmobile violations.

Warden Burns responded to and investigated a fatal snowmobile accident in Barnes.

Warden MacKenzie investigated a complaint of an injured goose but the goose was healthy enough to fly and nothing more was done.

Warden MacKenzie investigated a fatal snowmobile accident near Iron River in Bayfield County.

Wardens MacKenzie, Egstad and Kamke assisted with a youth fishing event hosted by a local sportsmen club that was attended by about 120 children on Chequamegon Bay.

Warden MacKenzie investigated Hotline calls about a private waste water system and septic system.

St. Croix, Pepin, Pierce and Dunn counties

Warden Paul Sickman of Hudson completed multiple taxidermy inspections. Various violations were found for improper records/tagging and one unlicensed taxidermist.

Warden Sickman assisted Hudson Police with the location and subsequent apprehension of two juveniles who stole a vehicle.

Warden James Cleven of Colfax assisted the Dunn County Fish and Game Club (DCFGC) with preparing for and working a Youth Ice Fishing event on Lake Menomin. The North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC) and HT-Enterprises donated 98 ice fishing jig poles for raffle prizes. Canon’s Bait of Menomonie donated bait for the event. The DCFGC purchased numerous raffle prizes including a large Clam ice fishing shanty. Hotdogs and hot chocolate were also served. DCFGC members and UW-Stout students assisted the youth by drilling ice fishing holes and helping with fishing gear. Numerous fish were caught. More than 100 kids participated and everyone received a raffle prize.

Warden Cleven attended a Sportsmen’s Banquet in Baldwin. Cleven and wildlife staff worked at an informational booth. Approximately 350 people attended the banquet.

Warden Wayne Flak of Menomonie worked fishing contests on almost every weekend during February. Local contests were held in Downsville and on Lake Menomin. A Nntional contest was also held on Lake Menomin with a learn-to-fish program for kids that have become very popular with hands-on training and a free fishing pole.

Warden Flak received a call for assistance from the Sheriff’s Department. A pick-up truck was reported stuck on a rural snowmobile trail occupied by two people. Warden Flak and a deputy located the truck along a trail and followed tracks that led to a 20-year-old male and female walking along the trail. The male explained that he had done a stupid thing by driving on the snowmobile trail to impress his girlfriend before becoming stuck. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Brad Peterson of Ellsworth attended the 4th Annual Deer Classic in Hagar City. Peterson had a lot of contacts with the public and was even asked for an autograph by a couple of young gentlemen.

Warden Peterson and Supervisor David Hausman of Baldwin worked on an investigation that involved a hibernating bear being shot in St Croix County. The 250-pound male bear was killed and the head was taken. The investigation is ongoing.

Warden Wrasse worked with the Mondovi snowmobile club on trying to solve issues with snowmobile trespass. The complaint was that snowmobilers were not staying on the marked trails across private property. They would take short cuts across new hay fields. This actually caused the landowner to withdraw his land from the trail system.

Warden Wrasse assisted the Pepin County Sheriff’s Department on a missing person. Warden Wrasse searched the snowmobile trails in the Durand area. The person was later found.

Warden Wrasse attended the Pepin County Sports Alliance and gave a DNR update.

Warden Wrasse worked with instructors setting up a hunter education class in Durand and a Learn to Hunt (turkey) event in Mondovi.

Price, Langlade, Lincoln and Taylor counties

Warden Jason Bayer of Phillips and other wardens from the Park Falls Team conducted an extra snowmobile patrol effort in Phillips on a busy snowmobile weekend in February. Most riders the wardens stopped were educated and warned for their violations. One citation was issued for violating the nighttime speed limit and one citation was issued for trespass with a snowmobile on railroad property.

Warden Jason Bayer of Phillips was requested by the Price County Sheriff’s Department to respond to a snowmobile fire on a snowmobile trail. Warden Bayer located the subjects who called and observed a completely burned snowmobile. Only burned metal parts were left. The fire was put out and all debris was removed from the trail. Warden Bayer advised the snowmobile’s operator to remove the burned parts.

Warden Ron Nerva of Tomahawk organized a snowmobile group check near Lake Nokomis. Nerva worked with Warden Rick Peters of Merrill and the Lincoln County Recreation Deputy. The officers wrote several citations for not stopping at stop signs, failing to have snowmobile safety completed and the wardens also arrested an individual for operating a snowmobile while intoxicated.

Warden Ron Nerva and the Lincoln County Recreation Deputy worked from snowmobiles at a local ice fishing event. The officers wrote citations for unattended lines and arrested an individual for operating an ATV while intoxicated.

Warden Nick Nice of Medford assisted the Taylor County Sportsmen’s Club during their annual project to build nest boxes for wood ducks and bluebirds. Since starting the project in 1992, the club, with assistance of area schools, has produced more than 5,600 wood duck houses and 5,000 bluebird houses.

Warden Andy Dryja of White Lake issued three citations to a business for illegal septic disposal methods. The case was settled at the Langlade County DA’s office and the business was fined more than $1,000 for their illegal activities.

Winnebago, Fond du Lac, Outagamie and Dodge counties

Warden Jason Higgins of Oshkosh checked a group of people ice fishing. The investigation revealed the subject had been fishing without a license and was baiting and dropping lines into the water. The subject was cited for fishing without a license.

Warden Higgins and Warden Al Erickson of Fond du Lac looked into a complaint of a subject shooting a coyote from the road near Oshkosh. Higgins and Erickson checked the scene and determined the coyote was shot exactly 50 feet from the edge of the paved portion of a county road. There were no tire tracks leading off the road and the only traffic were boot tracks to retrieve the coyote. The subject was tracked down and the investigation revealed subject shot the coyote from his vehicle. A citation was issued for discharging within 50 feet of the center of the road.

Warden Tom Truman of Winneconne and Recruit Warden John Sinclair of Madison contacted a group of coyote and fox hunters who had harvested a coyote and a fox. While checking for license compliance it was found that the individual that had harvested the coyote did not have a small game license as required. A citation was issued and the coyote was seized.

Wardens Truman and Sinclair contacted an ice fisherman in the Winneconne area. Warden Sinclair was able to retrieve one fish from the ice hole which placed the individual at 27 panfish which is two panfish over the allowed limit. The individual was cited for overbagging of panfish.

Wardens Truman and Sinclair investigated a complaint about an 11-point buck that had been shot with a firearm during the gun deer season. The buck mount, meat, and firearm were seized upon completion of the investigation. Charges are being referred to the Winnebago County DA’s Office.

Warden Erickson received a complaint of two pickup trucks driving through a flock of seagulls sitting on the frozen waters of Lake Winnebago at a high rate of speed, killing multiple birds. Wardens Erickson and Recruit Recreational Safety Warden Tom Sturdivant of Madison were able to track down the suspects and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Erickson received a Hotline complaint of multiple subjects overbagging on panfish off the west shore of Lake Winnebago. Erickson was able to contact the group of seven subjects and determine that three subjects were over their daily bag limit of 25 pan fish by 19, 15 and 9 fish respectively. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Benjamin Nadolski of Waupun responded to a call of a likely undersize northern pike on Fox Lake, which has a 32-inch minimum length limit. Warden Nadolski located the suspect, seized the undersized fish and issued a citation.

Warden Benjamin Nadolski of Waupun contacted owners of shanties on Beaver Dam Lake that had fallen through the ice to ensure the shanties get removed as required.

Warden Kyle Kosin of Campbellsport and Jason Higgins of Oshkosh worked the snowmobile trail system in the Kettle Moraine State Forest-Northern Unit. Numerous stops were made for failing to stop at a stop sign and failing to display valid registration. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ryan Propson of Appleton worked snowmobile, ATV and sturgeon spearing enforcement during a large portion of the month. Propson investigated several complaints and issued several citations for snowmobile and spearing violations, including arresting an individual for snowmobile operating while intoxicated.

Winnebago, Brown and Door counties

Warden Andy Lundin of Green Bay completed the following public relations events: staffed the DNR booth at the State Hunting Expo at Shopko Hall, attended the monthly Green Bay Duck Hunters Association meeting at Barkhausen (discussed laws and upcoming Spring Hearings), attended the monthly Brown County Conservation Alliance meeting at Barkhausen (Spring Hearing update), attended a LTH turkeys meeting in Suamico for range safety logistics and attended a Wisconsin Waterfowl Association Board Member meeting in Howard.

Warden Andy Lundin of Green Bay also attended the three–day Basic Archery Instructor Trainer course in Menasha, and coached the Pulaski NASP team three days.

Regional Warden Byron Goetsch of Green Bay gave a presentation to students, faculty and members of the public at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay’s Christie Theatre on conservation issues.

Regional Warden Goetsch assisted wardens on the Oshkosh Team working to ensure compliance with the sturgeon spearing season regulations on Lake Winnebago on opening weekend of the season. Despite the variable ice conditions and poor water quality, compliance with the rules and regulations was very good.

Regional Warden Goetsch was certified as a National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) instructor this past month at a course offered in Neenah. NASP promotes international-style target archery as part of the in-school curriculum, to improve educational performance and participation in the shooting sports among students in grades 4-12.

Regional Warden Goetsch assisted with the inspection of a currently licensed deer farm as part of the 10-year renewal process. Deer farms have specific fencing requirements that are designed to prevent escapes.

Warden Supervisor A. George Protogere out of Green Bay worked on completing some deer fence inspections in Brown County and Manitowoc County. Of the nine completed, only two were still in business. The fence certificates are valid for 10 years.

In addition to numerous citations for fishing violations, Wardens Kratcha and Kruse of Sturgeon Bay made three arrests during the month of February for fishermen possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia while on the ice of Green Bay. The fishermen were turned over to the Door County Sheriff Deputies.

Image courtesy Wisconsin DNR

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