GLOCK pistol certificate presented to randomly selected, additional new member in Kan.

Today GLOCK, Inc. announced the presentation of its 100,000th membership of the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) to Gaston Glock, Sr. The organization began with one outdoor match in Cobb County, Ga., in 1991, and has expanded its member base dramatically in the past 22 years.

“GSSF was pleased to present Gaston Glock, Sr. with the 100,000th membership,” shared Alan Ramsey, director of GSSF. “To honor this membership milestone, we’ve also selected an additional new member at random to receive a GLOCK pistol certificate, Daniel Thompson of Wellington, Kan.”

GSSF is a safe, fun, family-oriented organization devoted to the responsible use of GLOCK firearms and encouraging participation in the shooting sports. Competitions across the United States provide opportunities for shooters of all skill levels and experience to compete together in simple, but challenging courses of fire. GSSF does not require the expensive equipment and extensive training often demanded by most other types of firearms competitions.

GSSF organizes more than 40 outdoor and approximately 300 indoor shooting matches each year. In 2012, GSSF received more than 25,000 match entries nationwide. The only requirements are that entrants must be a member of GSSF and compete with a GLOCK pistol. All entrants have the opportunity to win cash prizes, and GLOCK pistols, in multiple categories.

Logo courtesy GLOCK

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