The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) February 2013 membership statistics show new record numbers of active members within the organization.

“USPSA has seen tremendous growth in the last few years” said USPSA membership coordinator Tricia Schmidt. “More and more people are discovering the sport and experiencing the fun and excitement practical shooting has to offer.”

USPSA has an active membership of over 24,000 people with over 400 affiliated clubs covering the entire United States.  USPSA matches often involve the opportunity to shoot while moving as well as shoot at reactive targets that are not common in any other shooting discipline.

“USPSA really is somewhat unique in the amount and design of targets that participants are presented with” said USPSA President Phil Strader. “I think both the variation and the creativity allowed in completing the course of fire are some of the reasons that USPSA is so popular – not to mention the great sense of comradely amongst members.”

The fun and friendly atmosphere at USPSA events combined with the willingness of current USPSA members to introduce the sport to their friends and family contribute to the increasing participation.

“Current USPSA members really are the best ambassadors to new members” said USPSA Executive Director Kim Williams.  “From encouraging beginners to try competitive shooting and sharing tips and techniques– the current membership has a huge influence over the continued growth of the sport.”

USPSA matches are run by the local match directors in their respective clubs. New members are always welcomed and introduced to the sport in a safe and fun way. To find a local USPSA affiliated club visit and click on “Find Clubs”. To become a member of USPSA visit and click on “Join USPSA”.

Logo courtesy United States Practical Shooting Association

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