Two bills are coming up this week regarding Everglades Restoration, HB 7065 is likely coming up for a vote today and we need your calls to oppose it. SB 768 is coming up for a vote on Thursday and your calls are needed to support it. See below for more information.

OPPOSE HB7065 State Affairs Committee and Caldwell – CALLS NEEDED TODAY, TUESDAY, MARCH 19 – The Sugar Industry has launched an effort to further weaken Everglades cleanup efforts, load more of the expenses on the taxpayers, and have the Legislature attempt to nullify an important part of Florida’s Constitution.This bill is headed towards a final vote in the Florida House today. This bill jeopardizes the health and recovery of America’s Everglades by capping the amount large polluters must pay to restore the Everglades, despite the Constitutional requirement that those causing the pollution pay their fair share. It also restricts enforcement of pollution discharge permits in the Everglades Agricultural Area. ACTION NEEDED: Take action to protect the Everglades Today. Contact your representative today by phone and email and ask them to VOTE NO on HB 7065 *. It is essential that House Members from across the state know that voters are watching their actions on this bill and will not accept further damage to our Everglades. Please contact your House Representative and ask him/her to vote against HB7065 because it eliminates the previously agreed to statement of principles, is inconsistent with the constitutional “polluter pays” provision, weakens water quality standards, jeopardizes the Governor’s water quality plan and underfunds the contributions from the Agricultural Privilege Tax. Take the FCC’s prepared email (just add your Representative’s email address and your name and address) or draft your own. Find your House Representative here.

SUPPORT SB 768 – CALLS NEEDED BY 10 A.M. THURSDAY, MARCH 21– Your calls are needed to support SB 768 which implements the Governor’s long-term Everglades water quality clean-up plan. This bill is critical to Everglades restoration and should be passed without any amendments. Please call the members of the SenateEnvironmental Preservation & Conservation Committee before they meet at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 21. Ask them for a positive vote on SB 768, without amendments. We appreciate your support.

Image courtesy Florida Wildlife Federation

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