Molon Labe Industries to Outfit Adopted Sniper Teams with Much Needed Gear 

Molon Labe Industries, manufacturers of polymer magazines and accessories for rifle platforms, has launched a new Adopt a Sniper program. The program allows for customers to make a cash donation from as little as one dollar to as much as their heart desires through a donation button featured on Molon Labe Industries website. The fund will be applied toward obtaining much needed gear for the two deployed teams. Each sniper team is comprised of two individuals (a total of four people) who are currently stationed in Arghandab, Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The idea for Molon Labe Industries Adopt a Sniper program came about when President and Founder Chris Gleason received an email from one of the team leaders looking for magazines for their M110’s. While those magazines are currently still in the design / development / prototype stage, Gleason asked if there was anything else they needed that he could help them obtain, and the answer was a resounding yes.

Funded by customer donations, the Adopt a Sniper program will look to put together kits that will include Eberlestock Gunslinger bags, radio pouches, gun cleaning kits and laser rangefinders.

“As an NCO during the Clinton cutback years, we would often have to buy equipment with our own money as there was never enough funding to get what we needed,” Gleason remarked. “To have this happen today while troops are deployed in harm’s way is unacceptable. Unfortunately, line units such as these have to make due with hand me down equipment that is barely serviceable.”

There is no deadline to donate and the program will be ongoing until both teams are outfitted with the gear they so greatly need for duty. Once both teams are outfitted, donations will be made to on an ongoing basis. Additionally, Molon Labe Industries will be donating a portion of all proceeds to

Image courtesy Laura Burgess Marketing

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