The Airow Gun is an add-on accessory that allow enthusiasts to shoot paint balls…from a bow. As strange as it may sound–and look–the Airow gun can fit most compound and recurve bows, as well as being sold in a package with Diamond Archery’s Edge.

The consensus among online reviewers -and a few whitetail deer-  seem to run along the lines of “don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.” For paintball fans, the Airow Gun does not require CO2 to fire and occupies a interesting niche in the industry. The device allows for slower paced games and more carefully aimed shots, as the Airow gun won’t allow a constant barrage of paint. Another version of the attachment shoots pellets instead.

Below is a video from Airow Gun showing a few sales reps and bowtech employees staging a paintball game.


And here is a video demonstrating the pellet version:


Image screenshot of video by Wyman Woon on youtube

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