New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) and Senator Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Center) announced that a key component of the NY SAFE Act, the seven-round limit for magazines, could be suspended. According to, the reason for this is simple. No manufacturer makes seven-round magazines, and due to solidarity inside the gun industry to oppose New York’s gun control laws, none are expected to any time soon.

The “high capacity” magazine ban was slated to go into effect on April 15th, but could be pushed to an indefinite date sometime in the future. Currently, magazines holding 10 rounds will continue to be sold, but the law will still require that gun owners only load seven rounds into those magazines, reports the Associated Press. Exceptions exist for gun ranges and professional competitions. Many residents have argued that this “honor system” will lead to many enforcement issues, while others oppose the ban altogether. Several lawsuits against the SAFE Act state that the laws infringe upon constitutional rights.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) recently threw their considerable weight behind the lawsuits, with the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action director Chris Cox saying, “Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature usurped the legislative and democratic process in passing these extreme anti-gun measures with no committee hearings and no public input. This obvious disrespect for New Yorkers and their Second Amendment rights will not be tolerated.”

An injunction could possibly be placed on the SAFE Act by the end of this month as a result of these legal battles.

Image from Yarden Sachs on the flickr Creative Commons

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4 thoughts on “Introduction of New York’s Seven-round Magazine Cap Could Be Postponed Indefinitely

  1. Here in Canada, magazines are pinned with a rivet or have a some kind of block welded in to prevent more than 5 rounds from being loaded in a sem-auto rifle or 10 rounds for a semi-auto pistol. These mags could be modified to accept more but that is illegal and you risk losing your firearms if caught. In practise it works quite well and most people find this an acceptable solution.

    1. Sorry,but here in the USA we already have a block on magazine capacity.It’s called the 2nd AMMENDMENT,which gauranteeee’s that self serving politicians like Coumo don’t INFRINGE on the RIGHTof the people to possess and bear arms.And the courts have ruled repeatedly that laws that reduce or infringe on ones abilities to exercise those rights by means of regulations is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.They are so sure of their selves that they nolonger hold public hearings,or go thru the proper legislative procedures.Will see how they fair out shortly.MOLON LABE

  2. Something is wrong for the people of New York to elect Bloomberg. I suppose, he bought the position by spending millions more than an opponent could afford. You people who voted for him are just as guilty as he, and should be ashamed. Bloomberg is now assaulting the rest of the nation with an anti-gun advertising scheme. I hope that Americans are too smart to fall for his lies.
    Here in Colorado, our Governor, Hickenlooper, is a Bloomberg associate and just signed into law several bills, which are likely to prove to be unconstitutional. You know what? I don’t believe these people believe in the constitution!
    Let us teach them a lesson in the future…at the mid term election, be careful who you vote for and oust any anti-gun candidates.

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