Walther Arms, Inc. has launched a new ecommerce store contained within its regular corporate site.  The site will feature many popular items that a current Walther fan or any active shooter would want to enhance the shooting experience.

We wanted to make it easy for our Walther customers and any shooter to select from a variety of popular items such as gear bags, pistol cases and shooting caps,” said Mark Thomas, Director of Marketing for Walther Arms, Inc. “We also have some apparel items.  We wanted to start off very basic until we got a feel of what our loyal shooters wanted.”

Many of the items are from well known manufacturers such as Nike, 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk and Keyscraper.  He added that popular Walther products such as magazines, sights and internal parts will be added later in the summer citing demand from its wholesale and retail customers as a priority.

The site, www.WaltherArms.com, was launched on January 1st as Walther Arms, Inc from its Fort Smith, Arkansas headquarters which is now Walther’s US–based marketing and distribution arm.  Walther’s Internet Marketing Specialist Joe McCoy is the architect behind the new site and the programmer for the new ecommerce store.

“The site is easily navigated and is very basic for now.  Our owners and customers can peruse different items and quickly ordering almost anything they want,” said McCoy.  “The real beauty of the site is the speed in which you can shop and either sign up for an account or just make a purchase and use express checkout.”

The site has a wide variety of items ranging from a quality travel mug to Smartphone covers to a pistol case.  Thomas said items will be evaluated and added as consumer feedback and sales dictate.

Image courtesy Walther Arms

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