The Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun Match marks the beginning of the 3-Gun Competition season and is considered to be the longest running and most popular 3-Gun match in the world. Over 350 competitors converged on the Rio Salado Sportsman Club in Mesa, AZ to vie for the coveted 2013 division titles.

With the desert foothills as a backdrop, the Match Staff created 11 fast-pace, action-packed stages to challenge the top shooters in the world. When the dust settled, Team STAG Arms’ Kalani Laker stood atop the field. Laker competed in the ultra-competitive Tactical Division with a field of over 200 competitors. After 3 days of grueling competition, Team STAG Arms’ Kalani Laker went home as the 2013 SMM 3-Gun Match Champion.

“My speed felt a little slow in the beginning,” commented Laker. “But after a few stages, I got into a good rhythm, relying on my rifle to carry me throughout this match. My STAG Model 3G ran flawlessly, shot flat, and sang me a song of victory. Thank you STAG Arms.”

SMM3G Results

Tactical Optics

  1. Kalani Laker
  2. Nils Jonasson
  3. Glenn Shelby
  4. Travis Gibson
  5. Taran Butler
  6. Eric Miller
  7. Kelly Neal
  8. Burton Thompson
  9. Bruce Piatt
  10. Keith Garcia


  1. Jerry Miculek
  2. Brian Williamson
  3. Michael Voigt
  4. Tony Holmes
  5. James Darst
  6. Craig Outzen
  7. Don Bednorz
  8. Nick Saiti
  9. Jojo Vidanes
  10. Nathan Heinrichs

Tactical Iron

  1. James Casanova
  2. Chris Sechiatano
  3. Craig Underdown
  4. Kurt Miller
  5. Patrick Kelley

Heavy Metal Optics

  1. Tim Milkovich
  2. Erik Lund
  3. Barry Dueck
  4. Scott Mcgregor
  5. Tate Moots

Heavy Metal

  1. JJ Johnson
  2. Jason Steiber
  3. John Slade
  4. Glen Bevell
  5. James Shray

Image courtesy 3 Gun Nation

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