Asian carp threaten America’s waterways and a multi-billion dollar freshwater fishing industry, as well as being hated by just about every angler out there. So the obvious answer is, why not eat them? The species is notoriously fast breeding, large growing and high in protein. Carp meat itself is a slick pearly white and carries a somewhat neutral taste, which makes it a perfect canvas for seasoning and marinades.

Many state agencies have or are beginning to institute programs to harvest the fish for subsistence. Projects like Target Hunger Now in Illinois, which aims to convert the invasive species into ready-to-serve meals for the needy. There are a multitude of benefits to such a program: it will help control the carp population and prevent an invasion into the Great Lakes, needy families will receive nutritious and filling food security, and the undertaking will also create jobs.

If prepared correctly, Asian carp can also be a delicious meal. The following video from the Missouri Department of Conservation provides a few pointers on how to fillet and cook carp, as well as two simple starter recipes.


Image screenshot of video by moconservation on youtube

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One thought on “If You Can’t Beat Them, Eat Them: Filleting and Cooking Asian Carp

  1. What a great idea. I enjoyed the video and think providing the recipes is a great way to encourage people to try asian carp.

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