Dubai-based Mourouj Hotels and Resorts has their eye on building a hunting experience that is anything but conventional. Scheduled to open in September, the Barai Hunting Resort will offer hunters a chance to hunt exotic game such as gazelle from the comfort of a luxury villa. Of course, the price is steep. At over $3,700 USD per day, the hotel earns its exclusive status on price tag alone.

“It’s going to be a very boutique hotel,” Mourouj director Tarek Elsherif told The National.

The accommodations are equally extravagant. A soft bed and clean sheets are one thing, but Mourouj tacked on a swimming pool, sauna and hot tub in each of the resort’s 15 sprawling villas. A staff of cooks await nearby to cook whatever the hunters bagged so guests will always have fresh meat, providing that they didn’t come back empty-handed.

“It’s going to be an exclusive resort for people looking to hunt, so it is not going to be like a family resort,” said Elsherif.

The resort was originally planned to open two years ago but was delayed. Local petitions have sprung up from residents to bar the resort from opening. Animal rights advocates and some sportsmen have voiced concern regarding the treatment of the animals on the hunting reserve, and the ethical ramifications of the hunt. Regardless, the resort cleared regulations with the United Arab Emirates’ environmental agency and is planning to open seasonally from September to April.

Typical packages include lodging, the hunting excursion, and use of provided firearms.

Image from Bassem18 on the Wikimedia Commons

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