Taurus, the world’s foremost manufacturer of firearms congratulates pro-shooter Jessie Duff on her season opener wins at the 2013 Steel Nationals in Titusville, Florida. Ever-changing weather conditions challenged Jessie as she went on the capture her 7th consecutive Ladies Steel Master. This win marks Jessie’s 5th time in a clean sweep across all the Ladies divisions, including .22 Open, Limited, Open and Steel Master.

“The Steel Challenge Nationals usually marks the beginning of my shooting season, and I really wanted to kick it off with a successful weekend,” states Jessie. “I’m very excited to have won 1st place in all of my divisions and hope to continue to be successful throughout the season.”

Taurus Team Captain, Duff competes in all three divisions every year so that she is eligible for Steel Master, as it is one of the most difficult titles to earn. Training with three different pistols takes commitment, determination, focus and patience. She portrayed these attributes as she once again captured this title.

Jessie comments, “Steel Challenge is such an exciting sport because it is all about speed! Its something any level shooter can compete in, but you can also watch the world’s fastest shooters at the same time.  In Limited class, I shot my Taurus 1911 single stack and was extremely pleased with its overall performance. When I go to a match I need all of my equipment to be the best, so all I have to do is focus on my shooting. With my Taurus, I know I can do just that!”

“Words can’t express how proud Taurus is with Jessie’s performance both on and off the range. She is not only the Team Captain of Taurus; she is also an ambassador for the shooting industry,” comments Mark Kresser, President and CEO of Taurus. “She exemplifies our family, our culture and our future as a role model for the next generation of shooting competitors and gun owners.”

In the end, Jessie reflects back, “Having the folks from Taurus and the president, Mark Kresser, come out and support me through the weekend meant so much to me! It was like having my very own cheerleading squad and Taurus family. That keeps me motivated to do my very best-to make them all proud!”

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