Broadsword Group has added to its already stellar portfolio with the acquisition of the legendary Sharps Rifle Company. Originally founded in 1851, Sharps Rifle Company contributed military rifles to the Civil War and hunting rifles for Western pioneers. Broadsword Group’s purchase of this historic manufacturer means an introduction of fresh capital, a new management team and a rededication to the spirit of innovation. Today, Sharps is helmed by individuals with years of hands-on experience with the company who bring the utmost in passion and integrity to their work.

Broadsword Group is by no means a newcomer to the firearms industry. Prior to the purchase of Sharps Rifle Company, the company already owned Spencer Rifles, SRC ARMS and A-Square. Among the revolutionary new products conceived by Broadsword Group’s designers is the Relia-Bolt, a drop-in bolt assembly that prevents jamming in the bolt to barrel extension. In addition, SRC ARMS has developed the powerful and reliable 25-45 Sharps cartridge, which was designed with the Modern Sporting Rifle platform in mind.

“Innovation has always been part of the culture at Sharps Rifle Company,” said Jay Johnston, CEO of Broadsword Group. “From its inception, the company produced high-tech, multi-purpose rifles that spearheaded an entire industry. We plan to continue and expand upon that tradition. The 25-45 Sharps cartridge is just one example of how Broadsword Group plans to leverage cutting-edge technology and precision engineering to return Sharps Rifle Company to its former glory.”

Broadsword Group’s leadership has ambitions of positioning the company as a leading supplier of rifles, ammunition and accessories. To that end, the company brings together substantial private capital and a team of in-house engineers constantly testing new ideas.

“I’ve been involved in this project since 2007 and I’m pleased to see it turning into the productive manufacturer it was conceived to be,” said Broadsword Group President Jay Lesser. “I’d like to thank the many who contributed to bringing this to fruition; the Wyoming Business Council office; state legislators representing Converse County; McMurry Construction; and the Glenrock town clerk, planning and community directors, town council members (past and present), and Glenrock mayors (past and present).”

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