SCCY Industries, LLC is pleased to announce the promotion and appointment of six key members of their management team.
SCCY Industries, LLC is committed to build reliable firearms to meet every shooter’s needs. Our motto, “The NEW American gun company founded on the radical idea that the customer comes first,” echoes the importance of these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and innovative firearms.

SCCY announced that the first two months of 2013 were its highest performing months in the company’s history. These achievements follow the company’s best year ever in 2012. “We especially would like to thank our loyal distributors, who continue to make a vital contribution to SCCY’s success,” says Joe Roebuck, Founder and CEO of SCCY.

Michelle Theriault Tucker has been promoted to Vice President of Sales. Michelle joined the SCCY management team over a year ago as National Sales Manager. In her new post, Tucker will oversee national accounts relationships, military sales, and all customer service management.

“Michelle has done a great job as National Sales Manager for SCCY over her short tenure with the company,” said Joe Roebuck. “Performance has increased dramatically since Michelle took over and positive results have also increased dramatically. This promotion is well deserved; day-to-day operations are in good hands with Michelle at the helm.”

Stephanie Plumecocq Wells has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing. “Stephanie’s extensive career in the firearms industry is a testament to her great understanding of the process and strengths in finding marketing potential, which is highlighted by the development of SCCY’s marketing strategy and incredible growth,” said Joe Roebuck. “With her significant abilities to help the company in several key areas, we are looking forward to bringing SCCY to the next level.”

SCCY is also pleased to announce the promotion of Myles Waterman, to National Sales Manager and Bo Wood to Director of Sales.

In this position, Myles will be responsible for all dealer/distributor sales functions as they relate to the SCCY product line. He will also be responsible for the management of Regional Sales personnel, their day to day sales activity and reporting. Myles will oversee the positioning and decision making of territorial sales personnel, work closely with the Marketing Department to promote the benefits of the SCCY pistol.

Having worked in the firearms industry for over 22 years, industry expert Bo Wood has the experience in all aspects of the firearms business. Bo has proven to be an asset to the company working directly with our distributors and dealers to meet our customer’s needs.

As Director of Sales, Bo will be responsible for Law Enforcement Sales and will focus his attention on gaining product knowledge and providing high quality customer service while assisting law enforcement departments and public safety agencies.

“We are very pleased to have Bo calling on departments as an integral part of our outside sales team,” stated Joe Roebuck. “We pride ourselves in not only providing excellent customer service, but making sure law enforcement agencies are introduced to our range of products. We wanted to make sure we deploy representatives who not only know the firearms, but could effectively present them to our customers. We believe Bo will be a valuable asset to SCCY and the customers he serves.”

Brian Collins and Chris Jones have also been hired as sales managers to handle all dealer inquiries and customer service follow up. “SCCY offers the ultimate customer experience, which creates a win-win for our end users, dealers and distributors,” notes Craig Dutton, President of SCCY. “Brian and Chris are there to help customers with anything they may need, which is why SCCY has the best service in the industry! Service wins the game.”

“We have the best team in the industry, and they realize the importance of relationships with our customers. They have stepped up as true leaders in the company and are instrumental players when it comes to their involvement as a strategic decision makers with our associates, distributors, and key customers. Their judgment and energy has been crucial for our success at SCCY,” says President Craig Dutton.

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