The recent passage of an extensive gun control package in Connecticut and progress on a similar bill in Maryland have led customers rushing to the ammo aisles. Connecticut was one of the first states to consider stricter firearm-related laws in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy, and now boasts one of the toughest gun control policies in the nation. One provision stood out in the recently passed bill: the requirement of eligibility certificates for the purchase of rifles, shotguns, and ammunition.

The Associated Press reports that mere hours after Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed the bill, hundreds of customers flooded Hoffman’s Gun Center, a local gun shop in Newington. Many East Coast ammo cabinets have remained empty for months since sky-rocketing demand for ammunition began last November. Now however, hunters and shooting enthusiasts fear that the new laws may deepen the scarcity.

“If we can’t get the ammo, we don’t have money coming in,” Mandy Tomardy told ABC 2. She runs turkey shoots in Maryland to raise money for local schools and community projects. “[If] we don’t have turkey shoots… If I have to cancel the turkey shoots then that’s about $10,000 that doesn’t go back into this community.”

Maryland’s General Assembly passed their gun control measure on Thursday. If signed into law by Governor Martin O’Malley, the bill will include a ban on 45 types of “assault weapons,” limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds, and require fingerprint checks for handgun purchases.

A strong showing of gun owners in Maryland and Connecticut have decried these new proposals, while residents of other states worry that these sort of bills will eventually go nationwide.

“There’s a concern by firearms owners that this [national] administration will pursue bans on products, bans on ammunition,” said National Shooting Sports Foundation Vice President Lawrence Keane. “It’s not limited geographically to New York or anywhere else.”

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5 thoughts on “New East Coast Gun Laws Fuel Ammo Buyout

  1. Kansas just passed the most Gun Friendly laws in the nation and I hope many gun and ammo manufactures move to Kansas. Check the facts when you restrict gun ownership Crime goes up and Look at Chicago.

  2. Personally I feel those of us supporting the 2nd and all firearm related legal activities (competition, hunting, carry conceal, open carry, self defense, plinking, collecting) need to focus our energy away from comparison to Chicago and other hotbeds of gun crime. We need to seek truly positive uses of firearms and cases where lives were saved. There are too many cases in the news where people have been shot stealing property and even leaving the scene when they were shot and sometimes killed; in most states that is murder. The Focus needs to shift from one of comparison, to how we evaluate and get help for those who show little to no regard for life. The psychologically unbalanced are the “real” issue, they use whatever tool(s) allow them to accomplish their warped plan. We need to impress upon all our representatives the importance of Education regarding ALL Weapons and forms of Mass Destruction and to teach respect for those items and ALL LIFE. Drop the comparisons to Vehicular Death, Abortions and anything else. We were born with the instinct to protect ourselves; our Constitution, Bill of Rights and those who penned those documents were aware of those rights. No state has the authority to violate our rights. This is a defining period in USA history in the making. We need to stop history from repeating. When you speak of your rights, speak from your heart, speak with respect and speak only of yourself and your family. Write your representatives on your own behalf as well as through firearm related chain mails. Don’t speak of killing the gang bangers, dealers, etc., speak of making our communities safer places for our children to grow up and walk the streets safely without fear. It used to be like this in the USA.

    1. Well stated!

      Talk about the way it “used to be”. In high school…darn near everybody that drove had at least one firearm in their truck or car. They weren’t locked and nobody messed with anything. I carried many handguns from class to class. I made custom grips in woodshop and arts & crafts classes. I didn’t carry any rounds for the handguns; not one word was mentioned. Others make custom rifle stocks and there were quite a few recurves and some longbows that were born in the high school I attended. Many years ago…but back when moral standards of behavior and respect actually existed!

  3. My heart felt empathy to the good people of CT & MD. It’s a case of “too little too late” to be trying to stock-up on ammunition. Presently, it is difficult to locate any handgun ammo and it’s getting very hard to find ammunition for rifles in most but the bigger/magnum rifle calibers, except for maybe the 300WinMag, 338 Lapua and .50BMGs which are fetching premium prices! When’s the last time you saw more than a couple of boxes of .22LR cartridges? The market demand coupled with wide-spread anxieties/concerns of the gun-owning public have pushed costs to extremes (not to mention the profiteers taking full advantage of a dreadful situation). MAKE ‘EM COUNT, ladies and gentlemen…make each shot count!

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