Dr. John Caprio, a world-renowned fish neurobiologist and professor at Louisiana State University (LSU), partnered recently with JOBU Outdoors, makers of ATTRAXX fishing lures with patented SCI-X feeding stimulants.

“We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Caprio join our team here at JOBU Outdoors,” said Doug Long, JOBU Outdoors principal. “John is one of the world’s leading experts in the chemicals that fish detect via their smell and taste systems. Dr. Caprio is on board to provide intellectual guidance in the development and production of our chemosensory fishing products and related items.”

Dr. Caprio began researching the physiology of the senses of smell and taste in fish in the 1970s. Over the years, he learned that the highly developed senses of smell and taste in fish detect with extremely high sensitivity specific chemical stimulants in water that are different than what humans detect.  “What we smell, fish don’t smell and vice versa. In a water environment, fish smell water-soluble molecules; however, terrestrial animals, like humans, smell only volatile odors, i.e. those dissolved in air that enter our noses when we inhale or sniff. Pour liquids up our noses and we can’t smell them. In the same way, fish can’t smell volatile odorants. Humans do taste water-soluble chemicals, but not at the same sensitivity levels as fish.”

In his decades of research, Caprio studied how different species of freshwater and saltwater fish instinctively react to specific natural chemicals. He identified key chemicals that stimulate fish smell and taste systems and trigger the fish to feed. Caprio used that information to develop SCI-X, a patented blend of the identified natural feeding stimulants. ATTRAXX lures incorporate this technology into its soft plastic fishing lures designed to target various freshwater and saltwater fishes.

When an ATTRAXX soft bait infused with SCI-X hits the water, it immediately begins releasing powerful feeding stimulants.  The chemicals comprising SCI-X are nature’s natural feeding stimulants which smell and taste like live prey. Thus, fish aggressively attack ATTRAXX lures and hold them in their mouths and attempt to swallow them allowing anglers more time for better hook sets.

In 2012, JOBU Outdoors acquired ATTRAXX and the SCI-X technology from Mystic Tackleworks and moved the company headquarters to Denver, Colo. JOBU now makes a complete line of soft baits infused with SCI-X for stimulating  both marine and freshwater fishes to attack and bite ATTRAXX lures.

“The most appealing thing for me was the proven science behind the project,” Long said. “We have testimonials from anglers who talk about how much success they’ve had with the lures and how much easier they are to fish with as compared to other scented fishing lures. Before buying the company, I used some of the inshore saltwater and freshwater lures myself and had great success with them. Unlike some scented lures, which must be kept moist, ATTRAXX lures do not wilt or dry up and they don’t need to be retreated when left exposed to the elements, a major benefit over other such lures.”

To see the complete line of ATTRAXX freshwater and saltwater baits infused with SCI-X stimulants, see ATTRAXXbaits.com. Also check out https://www.facebook.com/AttraxxBaits  or call 303-854-7307.

Image courtesy JOBU Outdoors

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