Nuisance geese can cause many problems, among them a fresh coat of droppings that can be unseemly in most public parks. While coyotes prove to be a problem themselves in many urban areas, they have given city officials an idea on how to ward off geese. Parks like the Voice of America in Cincinnati have purchased lifelike plastic figures of coyotes at nearly $100 apiece as a waterfowl deterrent. The unmoving guardians serve as both scarecrow and park attraction, but the relatively steep price keeps many parks from procuring them.

Ray Ehle of Janesville, Wisconsin has come up with an inexpensive, if improvised solution by creating the predators in his own garage.

“Parks are supposed to be used for recreation, you can’t even take your children for a picnic anywhere because of the goose droppings,” Ehle told WMTV.

Using only plywood, paint, and a $20 budget, Ehle had constructed eight coyote cutouts and installed them in a local park. He plans on moving the figures every few days to give the geese an impression that the coyotes are on the prowl. Plastic bags fluttering from the “coyotes” will simulate a caught goose. It has yet to be seen if Ehle’s plan will have any effect on the geese migration.

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