Shane Sanderson of Kinnear had been watching several nice whitetail bucks on the nearby family ranch all summer, but when a buck with antlers that easily surpassed the others showed up, he knew that was the one he wanted.

Sanderson, 39, has been hunting his whole life, but took up archery 13 years ago. He has taken several animals with his bow, but none like the buck that appeared on the ranch last August.

Archery season for deer opened in Wyoming Sept. 1, and early evening found Sanderson in his makeshift blind of tree branches waiting to see if the deer would appear in one of the areas where he had seen him while scouting. Once settled in he observed several deer in the area and near his blind in the first hour and a half of his hunt. Around 6:30 p.m. his patience was rewarded when a few smaller whitetails showed up along with the trophy he had been waiting for.

The deer was 35 yards away when Sanderson made his shot. The deer went only a short distance where Sanderson found him dead. At the time, Sanderson had no idea he had a state record, but after the required 60-day antler-drying period, the deer was scored at 170 3/8, easily putting it in the Pope and Young record book for typical whitetail. The Pope and Young Club has a minimum score of 125 for inclusion in their record book. A check with Pope and Young officials confirmed it was the largest recorded typical whitetail taken with archery equipment Wyoming.

The Pope and Young Club is a national organization that recognizes trophy animals taken with archery equipment. Being symmetrical, Sanderson’s deer was scored as “typical.” Deer with numerous points, or with great size variation on either side of the antlers, are usually scored as “non-typical.” The score is comprised of length, circumference, and spread measurements of the antlers.

Sanderson’s buck was taken in deer hunt area 157-170 in Fremont County.

Logo courtesy Wyoming Game and Fish Department

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