Hunters accustomed to applying for limited-quota big game licenses with paper applications by mail or in-person have until 5 p.m. May 15 to submit applications to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Cheyenne headquarters.

For many years, whether the application was submitted on paper or online, the deadline for resident elk, deer, and antelope limited-quota licenses has been May 31. In recent years, more than 90 percent of both resident and nonresident hunters have applied through the Game and Fish website, This has resulted in substantial savings, increased accuracy, and more timely drawings for the application process.

Hunters will still have until May 31 to apply online. Game and Fish has been accepting resident online applications for elk, deer, and antelope since Jan. 1. The paper application period is May 1-15.

The paperless application process represents another way Game and Fish is improving service to Wyoming hunters through technology. License draw coordinator Milissa Raner said that in addition to the online application process, this year was the first year application booklets were only available online.

“Hunters have adapted very well to online applications and application booklets,” Raner said. “In fact, in the recently completed drawings for nonresident elk, applications actually increased over the previous year.”

The online application booklet has saved postage and processing costs. “Once the online process for applying for licenses is fully implemented, it should allow us to get the drawings done earlier as well.” Raner said.

To prepare hunters for the new paper application deadline, hunters who submitted only paper applications the previous year received mailings informing them of the new paper application deadline. This year, Game and Fish will attempt to notify hunters who submit their paper applications after the May 15 paper application deadline, that they may apply online until the May 31 deadline.

Logo courtesy Wyoming Game and Fish Department

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