Ducks Unlimited recently received a $75,000 donation from Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend refinery to help protect and restore habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife in Minnesota. The gift is the latest commitment from Flint Hills in a 28-year partnership with DU.

Flint Hills Resources and Ducks Unlimited have been working together since 1985 to protect and enhance Minnesota’s lakes and wildlife habitat. This includes more than $300,000 in donations to DU since 2007. Additionally, for nearly two decades, Flint Hills has supported DU’s Living Lakes Initiative, which focuses on bringing life back to shallow lakes and marshes.

“Flint Hills Resources is a critical component of our grassroots fundraising organization, as well as a very meaningful contributor to our Living Lakes conservation initiative,” said Tim Roble, DU Minnesota state chairman.

Ducks Unlimited plans for wetland acquisitions, enhancements, restorations and engineering survey and design are in place for 2013. The generous gift from Flint Hills will help DU leverage nearly $1.5 million in public grants and an additional $500,000 in private funds provided by DU members and philanthropists. These projects will take place on a series of managed shallow lakes and wetlands from central Iowa through northern Minnesota that provide high-quality aquatic food and habitat resources for migrating and breeding waterfowl.

“Minnesota’s natural habitat is part of what makes Minnesota a special place to live and work, which is why supporting the important work Ducks Unlimited does to preserve and protect these beautiful places has always been a priority for us,” said Scott Lindemann, vice president and manufacturing manager at Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend refinery. “Ducks Unlimited is a great champion of the outdoors.”

Flint Hills Resources’ support has helped Ducks Unlimited evaluate and manage more than 28,000 acres of wild rice on more than 100 lakes in northern Minnesota, restore and enhance eight large shallow lakes totaling 6,000 acres and permanently protect 1.5 miles of sensitive shoreline and 202 acres of wetlands and grasslands with voluntary conservation easements.

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