The Arizona House has scheduled Senate Bill 1223 for a third read on Monday, April 15. SB 1223 is a bill that would allow the Arizona Game and Fish Commission to set future license structure and fees directly through a streamlined, customer-focused process.

The bill passed the Arizona Senate on March 6 by a 26-2 vote. It is supported by 24 sportsmen’s organizations. View the list ofsupporting organizations.

SB 1223 would allow the Game and Fish Commission and Department the flexibility to operate more like a business and better react to changing market conditions and customer needs. Benefits would include:

  • Simpler, easier-to-understand license structure
  • Opportunity to offer better license products at an increased value
  • Improved timeliness in responding to customers’ demands

If the legislation were to pass and be signed into law, a new, simpler license structure would be established through a customer-focused rulemaking process. The Commission and Department would still be under Legislative oversight, and there would be checks and balances on the Commission’s new authority under this bill.

Image courtesy Arizona Game and Fish Department

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