Several provisions of New York’s much-contested SAFE Act will go into effect today, including requiring owners of “assault weapons” to begin registering their firearms along with new magazine limits.

According to the Associated Press, state police have planned to post forms for registration on their website starting Monday. Owners of firearms reclassified as assault weapons will have one year to register them, or they could sell them in another state. Magazine capacity will also be limited to seven rounds. Given that there are no major manufacturers who produce a magazine that holds only seven rounds, the law will require gun owners to only load seven rounds in a magazine designed for more.

Several gun owners groups are determined to bring the SAFE Act to court, including the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association (NYSRPA), an affiliate of the National Rifle Association. Opponents of the SAFE Act hold that the law violates gun owners’ constitutional rights. The method that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo used to fast track the bill also became a popular point of dispute by critics. Citing a “message of necessity,” the governor bypassed a mandatory three-day aging period before the bill reached the general assembly.

Governor Cuomo brushes off the opposition as “extreme fringe conservatives,” and holds that the law will help decrease crime in the state.

“Yes, they are against it, but they are the extremists and the extremists shouldn’t win, especially on this issue when it is so important to the majority,” Cuomo said. “In politics, we have to be willing to take on the extremists, otherwise you will see paralysis.”

Cuomo and his supporters believe that the majority of the state approves of the SAFE Act, which was passed earlier in January. It was the first major gun control proposal to be passed after the Newtown tragedy and a landmark move for gun control advocates. Following in New York’s footsteps, other states like Colorado and Connecticut have moved forward with their own gun control legislation.

While awaiting the outcome of court rulings, gun owner associations are urging their members to obey the new laws.

“We are lawful and legal citizens of New York state and we always obey the law,” NYSRPA President Tom King said. “It’s as simple as that.”

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3 thoughts on “New York’s Strict Gun Laws to Kick In, Registration to Begin

  1. so not seeing that happen…not in Texas anyway. just remember N.Y. “YOUR” criminals will have assualt weapons and mags that hold more than 7 rounds….be sure to get them too. not seeing that happen either.

  2. As I Canadian gun owner I registered my guns when we were forced to.It was a very difficult decision and was against everything I believed in. But we were threatened with 10 years in prison by the tyrannical Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien if we did not comply. Registration centres were set up across Canada where we had to report. I felt humiliated and confused. I was a good person and had never commited a crime. I could not understand why I was being treated like a criminal. I could not understand why the ownership of a rifle or shotgun was criminalized under federal law.

    It was 15 years of worry before the registry was abolished by our Conservative government. They have my eternal support for that. Worrying that thieves would get a hold of the data and steal my guns( the datbase was hacked into over 400 times) . Worrying that the police would treat me like a killer and be trigger happy if they stopped me for a routine traffic stop or came to my home. Worrying after some Liberal anti-gun newspapers tried to publish the names and addresses of gun owners as if we were ex-cons on parole or perhaps something akin to sex offenders or murderers. As some kind of threat to society. I felt like a second class citizen. I felt the sting of bigotry and prejudice for the first time in my life. The Liberal controlled media did nothing to defend us as they wanted us disarmed and controlled and monitored as that was part of their agenda.

    Those that did not register were considered criminals for not doing so and had to hide the fact they had guns. This lead to contempt and fear of the police and government. The Chretien Liberal government and the special interest groups who urged them on were despised and hated by gun owning citizens and their families. This finally lead to their defeat and their party was left in shambles, a former shadow of itself. They are still in disarray and are in denial about the reasons why.

    And those who did not register also avoided all this police scrutiny and invasion of privacy and prejudicial treatment and were safe from government and police and media intrusion and mal treatment. Their secret kept them safe and secure and they were treated as equals in society instead of as pariahs like us. We who had registered our guns could only look on in admiration and respect of those courageous and wise citizens who did not comply with the edicts of the tyrannical and totalitarian Liberal government . The government who effectively disarmed the Canadian people. To this day, it is the government who actually owns all our guns and can take them whenver they please. They simply have to revoke our licenses and we will be forced to turn them in. If we do not, they would likley send in the military with sniffer dogs to find them and confiscate them. They still know who we are because the federal licensing system still exists and handguns and certain prohibited firearms like the AR-15, still have to be registered here.

    Americans who choose to register their guns should remember the lessons we gun owning citizens in Canada have learned. If the gun registry ever returns, I know I will not be registering all my guns again. Only the guns I use to hunt with would be registered.

  3. This is a law that should not be obeyed, sorry but I would either move (left Maryland because of stupid firearms laws) or keep quiet.

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