Congratulations to Craig Outzen for placing 18th out of 64 professional 3 gunners. In Pro Series events this was his best finish so far. He was able to post a top ten stage finish and stay solid the whole match.

Craig said “My gear and guns ran flawlessly. The HERA Arms parts are performing every bit as good as they look. Especially helpful this match was the Quaload shell carriers from Taccom. They have allowed me to take advantage of being able to perform shotgun loads that are much faster on average than other competitors. With the gear improvements and all the support from LWI I am really looking forward pushing even harder this season.”

Craig was looking great in his new LAN World jersey!!

For Kalani Laker it was the first stop on the 3 Gun Nation Pro Tour. It took place at Peacemaker in West Virginia. He shot his way into the top 10 and qualified to shoot the last stage. He ended up posting the fastest time on stage 6, winning the stage. When the dust cleared, he secured a 7th place finish among the field of top professional shooters.

Logo courtesy LAN World

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