Frank Brownell, longtime President and now Chairman of the Board of the famed Brownells, Inc., was recognized for his dedication and support of the custom gunmaking industry by the American Custom Gunmakers Guild (ACGG) on Thursday, March 28, 2013, during the Brownells 7th Annual Gunsmith Conference & Career Fair.

Guild members and close personal friends Sharon Dressel and Jerry Fisher, on hand for the event, surprised Brownell by presenting him with an Honorary Life Membership to the American Custom Gunmakers Guild.

“I was totally taken aback by this award,” said Brownell. “I love the incredibly beautiful, functional guns the folks in the Guild build. Their craftsmanship is simply superb, and having spent my entire life admiring fine guns, for me it is a genuine joy to get to know many of the makers personally. Their passion is creating these amazing works of art so the rest of us who can’t begin to do this quality of work can enjoy what they have created. I am deeply honored, and thank them all so very much.”

Brownell is the first and only non-craftsman to receive the prestigious award, according to the President of the ACGG, Michael Ullman.

“Frank’s support for the custom gunmaker, the trade and the ACGG has been unwavering for years,” said Ullman. “He isn’t just concerned about giving his time to the gunmakers who have already made a name for themselves, but he’s known for freely giving of his time to help out the aspiring gunmaker. The ACGG is truly thankful for the kindness and support.”

Image courtesy Brownells

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