A new rule approved during Idaho’s recent legislative session exempts the companion of a disabled hunter from the requirement of having a tag while helping a disabled hunter who has the appropriate tag and a valid disabled combination license.

The law was changed in 2012 to provide allowances that Idaho did not have for companions to disabled hunters.

The rule applies to big game as well as game birds.

With the general turkey season beginning today, companions assisting disabled turkey hunters no longer are required to have a turkey tag or controlled hunt permit to assist a disabled hunter. The rules for a companion assisting a disabled hunter allow the companion to take a turkey that has been wounded by a disabled hunter and to place and validate the disabled hunter’s tag on the turkey.

The companion to a disabled hunter must carry a written statement of designation from the disabled hunter while hunting with the disabled hunter or assisting them with taking and tagging their turkey. For more information about the rules for a companion to a disabled hunter, please contact the local Fish and Game office.

Also a reminder that the holder of controlled hunt permit for turkey may transfer that permit to his or her resident minor child or grandchild who is otherwise qualified to participate in the hunt.

And Idaho’s new Hunting Passport is available to anyone who is interested in hunting but has not yet purchased a hunting license. The passport allows a person to try hunting for one year with a licensed adult mentor, without completing a hunter education class or buying a license.

Logo courtesy Idaho Department of Fish and Game

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