Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) would like to congratulate Team Remington sporting clays shooters on their outstanding performance at the Big Seafood Blast and Masters Cup events.

Remington shooter Diane Sorantino was awarded Lady Champion in the Big Seafood Blast and Federation Internationale de Tir Aux Armes Sportives de Chasse (FITASC) Main Event while fellow shooters Wendell Cherry and Bill McGuire were awarded High Over All (HOA) Champions in their respective events.

Remington Premier STS Nitro 27 and Premier STS Nitro Sporting Clays Target loads were the shotshells of choice for the champions.

Event highlights:

Big Seafood Blast

Lady Champion – Diane Sorantino (88×100)

Masters Cup XVI

HOA Champion – Wendell Cherry (100×100)

Master Class 1st place – Bill McGuire (97×100)

Lady Champion – Diane Sorantino (88×100)

FITASC Preliminary Event

HOA – Wendell Cherry (96×100)

5-Stand Event

HOA – Bill McGuire (49×50)

DeVito Memorial Event

HOA – Bill McGuire (99×100)

FITASC Main Event

HOA – Wendell Cherry (97×100)

Master Class 3rd Place – Bill McGuire (94×100)

Lady Champion – Diane Sorantino (86×100)

The events were held at M&M Sporting Clays in Pennsville, NJ on April 11-14, 2013.

Logo courtesy Remington

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