The deadline for moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat controlled hunt applications is fast approaching.

Hunters have until April 30 to apply for these hunts.

In response to moose population changes, primarily in the Clearwater and Panhandle regions, the 2013 seasons include 46 fewer bull tags but 11 more antlerless tags.

For bighorn sheep in the Salmon Regions, Hunt Area 27-4 was split into two separate hunt areas; the portion of hunt area 27-4 within unit 27 will be Hunt Area 27-5 with two tags, and the portion of 27-4 that falls in the Yankee Fork Drainage in unit 36 will be Hunt Area 36 with one tag.

The only change for mountain goats is in the Upper Snake Region where hunt area 51 is closed, eliminating three tags.

Apply at Fish and Game offices or license vendors, or apply using a credit card by telephone or over the Internet. Telephone applications may be made at 1-800-554-8685; Internet users may apply through Fish and Game’s website at

Each applicant must possess a valid 2013 Idaho hunting or combination license to apply for a controlled hunt. License fees will not be refunded.

For moose, goat and sheep hunt applications only, the entire application fee must be paid with the application. All but the $6.25 application fee ($14.75 for nonresidents), will be refunded to those who do not draw. The resident application, including permit fee, costs $173; nonresidents pay $2,116.50.

Unsuccessful resident applicants will receive a refund of $166.75; unsuccessful nonresident applicants will receive a refund of $2,101.75.

Mailed applications must be postmarked no later than April 30.

Hunters who apply for moose, goat and sheep may not apply for other controlled hunts in the same year except for unlimited controlled hunts, extra deer, elk or antelope hunts, controlled bear hunts or depredation hunts. Those who draw a moose, goat or sheep permit may not apply to hunt the same species for two years, even if they don’t kill an animal.

Any person who has killed an antlered moose in Idaho may apply only for an antlerless moose permit. Any person who has killed an antlerless moose in Idaho may apply only for an antlered moose permit. Any person who has killed a mountain goat in Idaho since 1977 may not apply for a mountain goat permit. Anyone who has killed a California bighorn or a Rocky Mountain bighorn may not apply again for the same species of sheep, but they may apply for the other subspecies.

Logo courtesy Idaho Department of Fish and Game

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