Daniel Thompson, 25, disappeared for more than a week in the wooded area near Clear Lake in Lake County. According to FOX40, one of Thompson’s friends and also his employer filed separate missing person’s reports with the police shortly after he went missing. His car was nowhere to be found and repeated calls to his cell phone went unanswered. Friends and family took to social media and the streets in a search for clues to where Thompson went.

Then, as sudden as his disappearance, Thompson was found by two campers near Clear Lake in the vicinity of two major roads. He appeared to be in good condition and have been living off pine nuts for the duration of his stay in the wilderness. Apparently Thompson had crashed his car in the woods and attempted to find his way back to the road on foot. Thompson became disoriented and spent the next few days alternating from looking for help and gathering food and water.

The following is FOX40’s report:

Image screenshot of video on http://fox40.com/

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