Hunting GPS Maps of Missoula, Montana, has hired Dunkin-Lewis Inc. of Birmingham, Alabama, to work with retailers across Eastern and Midwestern states to sell its innovative electronic mapping system that shows hunters all public and private property boundaries on their handheld Garmin GPS units.

Hunting GPS Maps was founded by Eric Siegfried, who combines data from 15 different sources to create state-specific land-ownership maps. This electronic information is stored on Micro SD cards that insert into Garmin GPS units, providing hunters detailed, color-coded public and private land ownership information on full 24K topographical maps. These essential tools allow hunters to see property boundaries atop actual topo maps so they know which private landowner or public entity owns the property.

Since its launch in 1956, Dunkin-Lewis has become one of the nation’s oldest and largest sales-and-marketing agencies. It serves manufacturers with 36 sales associates who cover territories in 40 states. The agency prides itself on being an innovative player on each client/manufacturer’s team, and working with retailers on in-store promotions while educating sales staffs on the unique selling points of every product.

Hunting GPS Maps allow hunters to:

  • Discover little-known, seldom-used public lands;
  • Determine public-land type including BLM, state, tribal, state wildlife area, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and more;
  • View plat data, private-property boundaries and landowner names so you can request access;
  • Navigate around private lands closed to hunting;
  • Identify big-game unit boundaries, section lines/numbers, roads and trails, and lakes, rivers and streams.

Hunting GPS Maps are easy to use. Just insert the Micro SD Chip into the slot in your Garmin GPS and go! You do not need to download software or mess with a computer. Just plug and play! However, you can plug the chip into your computer to plan routes and mark waypoints at home via Garmin’s BaseCamp Software. With the GPS unit’s capabilities for zooming and layering, Hunting GPS Maps fills each map with useful names and property information, yet keeps the display clean and organized.

Hunting GPS Maps are available for all Western states, including Alaska, and several Midwestern states. More Hunting GPS Maps are arriving soon for several Midwestern and Eastern states. Never again must you buy or carry clumsy paper maps and county plat books. And, unlike paper maps, Hunting GPS Maps can be updated each year with the most current land-ownership information.

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