Residents of Morrison, Colorado were treated to a strange display of animal fashion when a local cow elk was seen with a large tire around her neck. According to KMGH-TV, the animal is believed to be a part of a herd of 50 elk that frequent the area. Because officials from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department suspect the cow elk is pregnant, experts advise against using tranquilizers. In addition to being stressful for the elk, the chemicals found in tranquilizers can also prove to be harmful to the unborn calf.

“I just thought it was very funny to see that elk with a tire around its neck–a little bit of bling,” said resident Mark Daigneault.

Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Jennifer Churchill told KMGH that the female seems to doing well even with the added weight. The elk is reportedly having no trouble moving, eating, and breathing but some residents are worried that future complications can occur. Churchill says that elk often find themselves with items around their necks, especially Christmas lights and wreaths. She cautions landowners to not leave objects that present a danger to elk, such as volleyball nets, out in the open where they can become entangled on the animal.

Elk and other game animals are a frequent sight in Morrison. Residents are especially protective of their animal neighbors and a few have vowed to keep an eye on the elk with an unusual preference for self-decoration.

“We kind of keep track of the wildlife up there,” said Rita Grover. “That’s one of the great things about living up here. The wildlife in the back yard.”

Video of the elk can be seen here:

Image screenshot of video by 7NewsDenver on YouTube

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