ConQuest Scent Sticks of Davison, Michigan, has bought Stink Stick and its high-performance scent dispenser to expand ConQuest’s lineup of reliable, hard-working scent products for hunters.

ConQuest is well-known for its highly successful EverCalm Stick Scent, an odor that calms deer, elk and other animals when they smell it. In addition, by delivering EverCalm in this wax-formulated Stick Scent, ConQuest ensures hunters won’t be bothered by accidental spills or leaks in pockets or backpacks, or by foul odors on their hands and fingers.

Unlike bottled scents, ConQuest Scent Sticks contain no preservatives. These 100 percent pure, unpreserved scents are encapsulated in wax. To release the scent, simply wipe the stick – which resembles an underarm deodorant – on trees, rocks, logs or other objects. This system also resists heat and moisture, so rain, dew or hot conditions won’t dilute or wash it away.

By acquiring Stink Stick, ConQuest now owns two of the industry’s most reliable, effective and easy-to-use scent-dispersal systems. The Stink Stick is available in two models, green or orange. The green models blend into the landscape, while orange models are easily seen at known distances for determining range.

The Stink Stick features:

  • a premium fiberglass “flow-through” wick that ensures more air contact with liquid scent molecules, which are dispersed by the lightest breezes;
  • tapered threads for sealing the wicking chamber, which is more effective than standard O-rings for keeping air out and scents fresh;
  • a leak-proof design for worry-free packing and storage;
  • rugged design and construction for long-lasting use and performance;
  • the flexibility to use any liquid scent when hanging the Stink Stick from a branch or decoy.

Now that it owns Stink Stick, ConQuest will offer this innovative scent-dispersion system in the company’s EverCalm stick/wax scent, and package it as a yellow Stink Stick. This no-drip option leaves no liquid or wax residue behind. Simply seal it after each use and then reopen it the next time you’re ready to hunt.

The Stink Stick with the EverCalm wax formula features:

  • replacement scent tubes, so hunters can keep using the same Stink Stick dispenser;
  • tapered threads on the dispenser for locking in scent molecules;
  • a rugged design for long-lasting use;
  • a hanger so it can be placed beneath a branch or decoy.

Logo courtesy Conquest Scents

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