Bears are known to eat everything and anything they have a remote chance of digesting. This young bruin, however, doesn’t let that get in the way of expressing his displeasure with the pain medication the vets were giving him. Named simply Black Bear Cub #13-0425, the animal was found in a Virginia residence playing with a large dog. The bear was then placed inside an open pet carrier and set near the woods, giving its mother a chance to reclaim it. When the cub remained, it was taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia where it was treated for minor injuries including a dislocated toe and dehydration.

To help deal with the toe, veterinarianĀ gave the cub a dose of pain medication and as you can see below, it did not taste very good. Since the video the cub is reportedly doing fine and living in a group with several other bear cubs. It will eventually be released into the wild. The Wildlife Center cares for a number of animals and runs partly on donations. You can see their website here.


Image screenshot of video by WildlifeCenterVA on YouTube

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