The fourth tournament of the season was held April 26 – 28 in Paris, Texas. When the winners were announced, Team Mathews swept the pro classes. Darrin Christenberry, Carl Adkins and Sharon Carpenter all walked away with the title in their respective classes.

Darrin Christenberry is a strong competitor and has won numerous tournamentsin his career. It had been a few years since Darrin had won his last ASA tournament. Well, Darrin got the perfect birthday present! Christenberry had a final score of 486-19 and he won his first tournament of the season. Third place wet to Justin Bethel with a score of 484-18. Mathews finished with five of the top ten finishers in the class. The rest of the top ten included: Joseph Goza, 466-16, 5th place; Luke Parker, 418-11, 8th place and Jack Wallace II, 417-18 in 9th place.

In the Senior Pro class, Mathews shooters had an unbelievable tournament. Mathews shooters finished in the top twelve places. In fact, Mathews shooters captured seventeen of the top twenty finishers in the class. Leading the way was Carl Adkins. Adkins had a score of 466-12 to win his first championship of the season. Second place went to Colin Boothe with a score of 465-11. Art Brown finished in third place with a score of 454-11. The rest of the top ten included: Bill Pellegrino, 449-8, 4th place; Steve Scott, 447-12, 5th place; Randall Jones, 405-7, 6th place; Dan Renner, 404-12, 7th place; Tom Crowe, 404-9, 8th place; Ray Young, 403-10, 9th place and Richard Freeland, 401-8 in 10th place.

In the Women’s Pro class, Sharon Carpenter won her first title of the season. Carpenter had a final score of 455-9 to win the championship. Second place went to Ginger Morehead with a score of 436-9. Mathews finished with nine of the top ten finishers in the class. The rest of the top ten included: Kelly Ward, 429-8, 4th place; Kailey Johnston, 420-8, 5th place; Kaitlyn Price, 379-3, 6th place; Wanda Dye, 373-7, 7th place; Whitney Meadows, 372-3, 8th place; Connie Griffin, 371-1, 9th place and Laurie Leroy, 368-6 in 10th place.

Image courtesy Mathews

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