Hunters and anglers attending the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits can take advantage of a valuable NRA member service in time to take a hunting or fishing trip of a lifetime in 2013 thanks to NRA Outdoors. From trophy whitetail to dangerous African game and from backcountry fly-fishing to deep-sea trolling, NRA Outdoors pairs outdoor enthusiasts with reputable, professional outfitters around the world while helping to defend the rights of gun owners here at home.

The NRA Outdoors exhibit will be located in booth No. 5029, located inside Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center, which will host the NRA’s annual event from May 3-5. NRA Outdoors staff will be in the booth throughout the show to help pair hunters and anglers with the outfitters and destinations best suited to help their outdoor-adventure dreams become a reality.

“This is the time of year when a lot of hunters, especially those who hunt the western United States, find out that they didn’t draw tags for the areas and species they wanted to hunt this fall. It’s not too late for them to find an ideal destination to hunt this year or next year,” said NRA Outdoors President Greg Ray. “NRA Outdoors makes the planning of these trips easier and more efficient, which is valuable no matter how far in advance you plan to book a hunt or a fishing trip.”

In addition to pairing hunters and anglers with the top outfitters and destinations around the world, NRA Outdoors will also be offering specially priced hunts to NRA members during the Annual Meetings. NRA Outdoors specials will include hunts for a Canadian moose, Illinois trophy whitetail; hunts for elk, mule deer and pronghorn in New Mexico and pheasants in Nebraska. Specially priced fishing adventures available during the event include redfish and speckled trout on Lake Calcasieu plus multispecies trips to Alaska, Canada and the Bahamas.

NRA Outdoors is a service provided to NRA members that gives outdoor enthusiasts and Second Amendment advocates access to hundreds of the finest hunting and fishing destinations around the world. NRA Outdoors carefully vets and inspects each outfitter to ensure that each operation is best equipped to provide clients with the best chances for success, ensuring that trips booked using this service are only with those outfitters who maintain the standards of quality and service set forth by NRA Outdoors’ Approved Destinations Program. In addition to taking the guesswork out of booking outdoor adventures, NRA Outdoors allows sportsmen and women to continue their support for Second Amendment rights as a portion of the cost of each trip booked goes directly to defend the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

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One thought on “NRA Outdoors Brings Access to Top Hunting, Fishing Destinations at NRA Annual Meetings in Texas

  1. “Access” is an interesting choice of words. The NRA is not giving me “access” anything but to a bunch of guys in a convention center who will sell me the same hunt if I call them on the phone. Except I get to fly to Texas for their anual meeting so that the NRA can get another few bucks in commission when I book the hunt. How is this helping hunters, habitat, or anything else?

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