A tremendous gesture by Freedom Munitions, Inc. (www.freedommunitions.com) has prevented what looked to be the eminent cancellation of a rifle class at the 2013 MGM Jr. Shooter Camp. Freedom Munitions, an Idaho company is supplying 12,000 rounds of .223 ammo for the MGM Junior Shooter Camp in Parma, ID, July 21 – 23.

Rhonda Gibson, Director of the MGM Jr. Shooter Camp stated, “This is amazing considering how hard it is to come by ammo right now, and the price. We are truly grateful.  Freedom has come to our rescue.”

Primarily a camp for competitive pistol shooters, the MGM Jr. Shooter Camp strives to offer diversity in shooting experiences for its participants. Thanks to Freedom Munitions, the ‘Intro to Rifle’ class will be included and will be taught by world class professional shooter Matt Burkett.  It is being held in Parma, ID at the Parma Rod and Gun Club.

Interested parties may find out more about the MGM Jr Shooter Camp by going to www.juniorshootercamp.org.

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One thought on “Scarcity of Ammo Solved for 2013 MGM Jr Shooter Camp in Idaho

  1. That is generous on the part of Freedom Munitions but I can assure you when things get back to normal they lost my business. They are either selling out to the government or participating in creating an artificial shortage to jack up ammo prices. I have checked their website every day multiple times a day and have never found any ammo posted for sale which is in direct opposition to the 500,000 rounds per week they allege to be selling. One day they will be begging people to buy ammo but my business will go the local Wal Mart, which sells at a price as good or better than Freedom Munitions. For the time being I am riding this out and making note of people like Freedom Munitions who must be selling to the Government because I sure can’t find anything on their website as they allege, or who do not have the balls to limit purchases to less than 500 rounds so others can have a shot at getting a few bullets.

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