Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) recently told Fox News that he plans on reworking the expanded background check proposal for another round on the Senate floor. Manchin had previously worked with Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) on a bill that would extend firearm background checks, but the proposal failed in a senate vote last month when it fell short of the 60 votes it needed to advance.

Since then Manchin has announced plans to bring the bill back to the Senate’s attention.

“That’s my belief that that people can vote on this bill up and down based on the merits of this bill,” Manchin said in an interview with Fox. “[…] If you’re going to a gun show you’re going to expect a background check. If you’re buying online whether out of state or in state, expect a background check. No intervening at all with family transfers or individual rights whatsoever.”

While Manchin moves forward with reworking the plan, Toomey has told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he will not be returning to the subject.

“My own view is very simple,” the Pennsylvania Senator said on a conference call. “The Senate has had its vote. We’ve seen the outcome of that vote. I am not aware of any reason to believe that if we had the vote again that we’d have a different outcome,”

Toomey states that his attention is now focused on economic matters and considers the matter resolved. However, Manchin said that he did not believe Toomey was “done” with the background bill. Manchin will continue to work on the bill and attempt to address the issues that caused it to be voted down last month.

You can watch the interview with Senator Manchin below:


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6 thoughts on “Manchin Eyes Background Check Revival, Toomey Not Onboard

  1. By then Glen Beck’s book will be out in force. “Control” will put some bite
    into the debate on gun control.

  2. Oh, give it up Manchin…it will never pass and you are wasting everyone’s time. Get your Demo-crap rear-end over to the NRA Convention and see what the real American’s do for fun!

  3. Start looking for another job. I’m sure Obummer will find one for you in his cabinet or kitchen. You can be his food taster.

  4. Give it up, suck it up and worry about the real problems at hand. Obama and the future of these united states.

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