Unless you have been living under a rock, or perhaps under a mountain, you know that the sport of 3-Gun has exploded over the past few years. With more and more new shooters joining the ranks, 3-Gun is not just for pro shooters and outlaw match veterans, its for just about anyone who wants to have a fun day on the range with their firearms. While many see 3-Gun Nation on TV and think it’s an exclusive sport, the facts are the exact opposite.

As the sport rises in popularity so have the new opportunities to participate, and one of those have taken shape in the state of South Carolina. Palmetto State Armory (PSA) has announced their title sponsorship of the “Upstate 3-Gun”, a brand-new 3-Gun match to be held at the Clinton House Plantation shooting sports club in Clinton, SC, Saturday, June 8th. The match will be under the direction of 3-Gun Nation director of club competition Charles Sole and will feature five (5) stages of fire in a 1-day format, following the 3-Gun Nation Club Series rule set. Two (2) of those stages will be 3-Gun Nation (3GN) classifiers, where 3GN members can compare their times against other nationally classified 3GN members online. The match fee will be $50.00 and will cap off at 100 competitors.

“This new match is a tribute to the expansion of 3-Gun” said Sole. “With the advent of the NRA Sports 3-Gun Nation Club Series, presented by Remington, many new clubs are coming out of the woodwork to get involved and most importantly, get a match going at their club.” The June 8th event will feature a generous donation of five (5) PSA AR-15 rifles, one allocated for each equipment division (Tactical Optics, Open, Heavy Metal Irons, Heavy Metal Optics and Limited). The match will also feature prizes from ATI Gun Stocks, Brownells, Otis and more.

South Carolina’s “Clinton House Plantation” is a multi-faceted shooting club featuring hunting, skeet and now 3-Gun. It also features banquet facilities and lodging for major corporate events. “We couldn’t be happier to take this step into the new and exciting sport of 3-Gun” said David Valentine of the Clinton House Plantation. “We have the perfect facility to host a match, and now with our involvement in 3-Gun Nation we have the outlet to get started and draw new shooters to our place.”

“The key is to have fun” said Sole. “There will be a bunch of brand-new shooters at this match, however their will also be veteran 3-Gunners who are always happy to lend advice. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a good time.”

Image courtesy 3 Gun Nation

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