Remington’s mysterious “Venture X” teased customers with a cryptic video and “eyes only” website, but the secret is out. A recent press release from Remington announces a partnership with TrackingPoint, Inc. in a joint effort to produce “Precision Guided Firearm” (PGF) systems. TrackingPoint came about after founder and avid hunter John McHale wanted to innovate on adjustable optics. What McHale wanted was a rifle scope integrated with emerging sensor technology to aid long distance shots. With this idea in mind he approached an engineering firm in 2009 and initiated a prototype project to create a PGF.

Now, in conjunction with Remington the Precision Guided Firearm will be designed to allow shooters to tag targets, track it, and even record video of each shot.

“The PGF automatically adjusts for many downrange factors including bullet drop, temperature, barometric pressure, wind input, cant and inclination,” reads the release.

Remington will provide development and distribution aid for TrackingPoint, a move that is likely to result in earlier commercial offerings. Already developers are expecting products from the joint venture to hit the market before the end of 2013.

“TrackingPoint has used technology to provide solutions to difficulties many long-range shooters encounter,” said Scott Blackwell, President of Remington Arms Company. “We are excited about the direction this partnership is taking us. By combining the world’s first Precision Guided Firearm technology with a company who has been the leader in innovation since 1816 with the most advanced R&D network in the world, this partnership is simply remarkable. We’re looking forward to introducing the next evolution of firearm technology to the market from Remington and TrackingPoint.”

Products from TrackingPoint are already available, but are likely difficult to acquire due to overwhelming demand.

In a demonstration of the PGF, TrackingPoint President Jason Strauble said, “essentially what we’ve done is put jet fighter lock-and-launch technology into a firing system.”

You can watch the demonstration below:


Image screenshot of video by trackingpoint on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Remington’s Venture X Revealed

  1. Now anyone can be an expert marksman. I fired expert with the M1 Garand when in the Army, then with the M14. Also I became quite competent with the Browning .50 and the M60 machine gun. I took pride in this effort, have been a shooter since I can remember and have fired un-numbered rounds. Now no skill or practice is required, just enough money to buy one. I believe this would be great in a fox hole, but I would not want one for hunting or target shooting. Would you want to drive a sports car with remote control? If so, get a toy!

    1. Wow. The bad guys around the world will really like these. Cancels out the training to be an elite sniper. This technology will get a lot of military people killed I fear. Also they will be able to record it. I too take pride in being marksman. No pride in shooting a deer at three hundred yards with that. Hopefully they are outlawed as quickly as they are sold.

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