Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed the state’s gun control bill into law early last month, bringing Connecticut gun policies on par with those of New York and Colorado. Along with establishing a statewide “dangerous weapon offender” registry and forbidding “high capacity” magazines, Connecticut put 100 new firearms on its “assault weapons” ban list. The firearm industry is taking note and local gunmakers such as PTR Industries have already announced relocations to more gun-friendly states. While also considering a move, Stag Arms owner Mark Malkowski views the new law as an obstacle to be overcome.

“Don’t dismiss the creative minds of manufacturers,” Malkowski told The Hartfod Courant’s Dan Haar. “We’re entrepreneurs, we’re job creators and we will do what we have to do to succeed.”

The 10-year-old company prides itself on its wholly American-made rifles and parts, 80% of which are made directly in their New Britain location. Although Connecticut customers only make up a small portion of their sales, Malkowski is driving forward with solution that will make the company’s product purchasable for the state it is made in. The AR-15 rifle produced by Stag Arms and other manufacturers has become a lightning rod for debate, but still remains one of the best-selling firearms in the United States. It is one of the weapons affected by Connecticut’s “assault weapons” ban and the only firearm that Malkowski’s company produces. With the aid of industry designers and 200 employees, Stag Arms aims to modify the firearm to fall in line with new state regulations.

“I’m currently working with some prototypes that may be something that would be available for Connecticut citizens,” Malkowski said. “It’s still early in the development.”

According to WFSB, Stag Arms is currently designing a prototype that will be given to the State Police firearms unit for review as early as Friday.

“We are carefully looking at the new law and there are some things we interpret to be legal,” Malkowski said. “We have gotten a lot of feedback from our customers and they have given us ideas for changes.”

The new modifications are meant specifically for Connecticut consumers, Stag Arms is still considering options for a move. Malkowski is reportedly in talks with the governors of Texas and Kansas for a possible relocation.

Image courtesy Matt Korovesis

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