Safariland proudly congratulates Team Safariland members, including now 13-time champion Michael Voigt, on their outstanding wins at the 2013 USPSA MultiGun Nationals. Held at the Desert Sportsman Range in Las Vegas, NV, 12 challenging courses tested the shooters’ skills operating the rifle, shotgun and pistol. After three days of facing top-shooters in this event, Team Safariland’s Michael Voigt won the open championship with his impeccable performance.

“The 12 stages required a different gear set-up each time and my ELS belt system definitely proved to be one of the most useful and necessary pieces of equipment out there!” said Voigt.

Also adding to Team Safariland’s winning titles are Keith Garcia and Barry Dueck who were titled as the Heavy Metal Tactical Champion and Heavy Metal Limited Champion (respectively) also wearing their ELS rigs to ensure their top-ranked titles. Additionally, the ladies of Team Safariland made great impressions as Dianna Liedorff was named the Open Ladies Champion with Maggie Reese in second. Congratulations to Team Safariland!

The ELS rig is specially designed for three-gun competitions and allows the shooter to reconfigure their rig for each course of fire. The ELS 34 Equipment Locking Fork and ELS 35 Equipment Receiver Plate, combine on the ELS 032 Competition belt, making it fast and easy to change pouches throughout the various stages. The QLS System (QLS 19 & QLS 22) offers the same option for Safariland holsters. The ELS rig was key in leading Team Safariland’s shooters to victory last weekend.

Image courtesy Safariland

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