Guns and Ammo Garage announces the addition of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program to its lineup of safety classes. Classes will be held on the last Sunday of every month beginning at 11 a.m. inside Guns and Ammo Garage’s classroom, located adjacent to the indoor shooting range. The Eddie Eagle mascot teaches children in kindergarten through third grade the four steps to take if they find a gun:

  • STOP!
  • Don’t Touch
  • Leave the Area
  • Tell an Adult

A free gun safety class for adults and teens is being held simultaneously with the Eddie Eagle classes. The gun safety class educates people who are new to firearms about safe handling, storage, selecting the right firearm and safe maintenance. Both classes are being offered as a way to educate the entire family about firearm safety.

“Eddie Eagle has proven to be a great teaching tool for young kids, explaining the importance of following the four steps in case they find a gun,” says Darby Neagle, co-owner of Guns and Ammo Garage. “Our certified instructors use coloring books, DVDs and pamphlets to educate the children. There are never firearms present in the classroom as part of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program.”

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program has been taught to more than 25 million children since its inception in 1988. Its purpose is to promote the protection and safety of children. The Eddie Eagle mascot is never shown holding a gun and is prohibited from being anywhere that guns are present. The program at Guns and Ammo Garage is taught in classrooms that are in a building adjacent to the range and gun store, at 3060 W. Ali Baba Lane, Las Vegas, 89118.

Guns and Ammo Garage indoor shooting range is located at 5155 S. Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118. For more information on all of the classes, call 702.440.GUNS (4867) or visit

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