A report released earlier this week by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) shows that firearm-related homicides have dropped 39 percent and nonfatal gun crimes have decreased by 69 percent from 1993 to 2011. Despite a popular misconception that gun crime has risen, the study now shows that crimes committed with a firearm have in fact been slashed. Ten years ago, 18,253 homicides were committed with a firearm, compared to the 11,101 fatalities in 2011. Similarly, non-lethal gun crimes have dropped from 1.5 million in 1993 to 467,300 in 2011.

The Pew Research Center also released their report on the decrease of gun crime in America, including survey which found that many Americans believe that gun violence has increased significantly. According to the Pew survey, 56 percent of Americans believe that gun crime is higher than two decades ago while only 12 percent believe it has lowered. The cause for this misconception may be attributed to a number of mass shootings in recent years, including the tragedy at Newtown, Connecticut.

The Pew survey showed that the gun debate that followed the Newtown shooting received significant public attention, and reducing gun crime has became a major priority for lawmakers. Otherwise, media has begun to shy away from crime stories, with news broadcasts dedicating only 17 percent of their total airing time to crime in 2012, compared to 29 percent in 2006.

Researchers have many theories about what led to the decrease in gun crime, including sociological factors, stricter laws, and a general decrease in property crime worldwide. Some have even pointed to the decrease in lead exposure, which can cause violent and aggressive behavior.

The majority of gun crimes still occur in homes, with 42 percent taking place in a residence. You can read more about the BJS study here, and the Pew survey can be found here.

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7 thoughts on “New Government Report Shows a Dramatic Drop in Gun Crime

  1. Don’t leave out the fact that gun ownership increasing and “SHALL ISSUE” laws legalizing concealed carry have advanced during that period from a few states to almost ALL states. Obviously the increased presence and availability of guns has not caused “blood to flow in the streets” like all the anti-CCW folks predicted and were apparently hoping for.

  2. The media is to blame for the anti-gun hype and has brainwashed typical Americans into thinking that gun violence is a major problem and getting worse. This story, if mainstream even runs with it, will be buried. Anything that does not support the liberal media agenda is hidden.

    1. The same way they were duped into voting for the single worst detriment to this country in American history.

  3. yup, what do you think about that….but “WE” can’t have “OUR” guns cuz “WE” kill people. you are right you “Old Horse Thief” ;), nothing “GOOD” going to be said about this

  4. CNN will never release this info because it is opposite of their beliefs. They want to go with the anti’s and use their own biased surveys. It is easy to find 500 people that are anti-gun and survey them and then use that as reference to a unbiased survey.

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