Best known for Lasergrips, Wilsonville, OR based Crimson Trace now offers Hunter Educators discounts on their laser sighting systems along with a their informative and life-saving instructional DVD, The Laser’s Edge.

Kent Thomas at Crimson Trace is excited to announce this new program. “The Training Community has been a part of the success of Crimson Trace since our inception in 1994. With well over 1 million CTC laser sighting systems now in the marketplace, there’s no question we’ve all been able to help so many people become more accurate and confident shooters, but it all starts with basic safety and training from the expert, certified training community. At Crimson Trace, we believe that no handgun is fully equipped without a laser sighting system and, with all the new gun owners in the country, we strongly recommend they seek the professional training required to make them safe and responsible CCW holders. We’re excited to be a partnering with the training community through IHEA to help today’s gun owners safely protect family, home and country.”

The Crimson Trace program applies to all individuals that are employed as administrators, teachers, or volunteer instructors of programs supporting the International Hunter Education Association-USA. All applicants must provide CTC a copy of their instructor qualification/certificate identification card with their order form.

Order forms and pricing for interested instructors can be found in the secure section of the IHEA website under Special Offers For Instructors:

Logo courtesy Crimson Trace

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