No, it is not to aid anglers in hiding from fish, but rather a statement of pride. Fishouflage is offering accurate and high definition patterns for anglers who want to display their colors. Their purpose is purely aesthetic and is geared towards sportsmen who want to pay tribute to the outdoors. Offering a wild variety of products to be patterned on clothing, tackle bags, rods, and more, Fishouflage comes in a selection of fish species and environments. Currently six patterns are available: Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Muskie, European Carp, and the odd one out, saltwater Redfish.

“Fishouflage and the ever-growing list of associated patterns that come along with it, are all about lifestyle identification for the worldwide angler community,” endorsed fishing TV host Al Lindner. “If Fishouflage makes you a better angler, it’s not because it hides anything from the fish, but because wearing it and using it made you that much more focused on your craft.”

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The company also plays off the long, but good-natured rivalry between hunters and anglers. Fishouflage’s goal was to finally give anglers something to visually associate themselves with, much like hunters. However, as Lindner stressed, the patterns probably won’t conceal you from the fish. Which, unless you were wading neck-deep in water and armed with only your hands against some high-flying Asian carp, probably shouldn’t be a concern.

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Image screenshot of video by LindnerMedia on YouTube

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