Industrial Revolution announces today its partnership with Mora of Sweden for US distribution of Morakniv. In Sweden, this line of specialty knives for craft, hunting, fishing and other pursuits has been synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and precision since 1891.

Knifemaking has been the primary trade in the Mora region of Sweden for over 400 years. Based on generations of refinement and cumulative expertise, Mora of Sweden began manufacturing knives for use by anglers, adventurers, hunters and other skilled workers. Made of high-quality steel, Morakniv blades are fashioned for accuracy. Woodcarving tools reflect the specific needs of artisans, such as a tapered blade for tiny cuts or a hook for spoon making. The handles are designed to fit the contours of the palm, in effect, making the blade an extension of the hand.

“We’ve gained a reputation for introducing some of the best quality, most innovative European outdoor brands to US customers,” says Graeme Esarey, Industrial Revolution’s Director of Marketing and Product Development. “Morakniv extends that expertise into traditional outdoor markets and beyond and we are proud to represent products of such exceptional quality.” Industrial Revolution also represents Light My Fire, the Swedish manufacturer of the Spork, Swedish FireSteel fire starter and other camp kitchen products. Light My Fire’s Swedish FireKnife—a multi-purpose knife that includes FireSteel in the handle—is made in collaboration with Mora of Sweden.

Logo courtesy Darby Communications

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