Just in time for spring migrating birds, the St. Lawrence River Chapter of Ducks Unlimited has been designated 2012 New York Chapter of the Year. State Ducks Unlimited officials singled out the group based on criteria that ranged from increased membership to growth in fundraising.

“It’s inspiring to see a chapter make such great increases in a year,” said Joe Nicosia, New York Ducks Unlimited state chairman. “The committee has to be working well as a team and be really focused to generate such change.”

The St. Lawrence River Chapter’s strength has come from the committee’s growth and the volunteers’ dedication to the cause of conserving waterfowl habitat. Over the last year, the chapter increased its event income by 70 percent, increased volunteer numbers by more than 50 percent and increased chapter membership by more than 90 percent. The chapter is based in Jefferson County, N.Y., in the middle of one of the Atlantic Flyway’s most critical breeding areas. DU has conserved more than 10,400 acres of habitat in the county.

The diversity of not only the events, but also the committee members has made the St. Lawrence River Chapter one of the most well-rounded chapters in New York, and the volunteers involved represent many different industries. The chapter’s calendar includes a sponsor shoot, dinner, pike fishing tournament and golf tournament. Events are attended by local business people, hunting guides, contractors and everything in between.

Logo courtesy Ducks Unlimited

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