The 2013 3-Gun Nation Divisional points races are well underway. With four major events complete, a lot of shooting remains before winners are determined in each respective Divisional race. And each race features a prize well worth competing for. Both Stag Arms and Doublestar Rifles have donated rifles that will support each race.

“We are simply astounded by the support we receive from our valued partners in 3-Gun,” said 3GN President Pete Brown. “Both Stag and DoubleStar consistently support this sport, not only through 3-Gun Nation and its competition programs, but in the sport as a whole through matches at local and national levels.”

3GN points will be awarded for participating in the following 3GN-Affiliated matches: 1.) Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun, 2.) SureFire Texas Multigun Championship, 3.) USPSA Multigun Nationals, 4.) Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge, 5.) Midwest 3-Gun Championship, 6.) MGM Ironman, 7.) Task Force Dagger/AIM 3-Gun Championship, 8.) Northwest Multigun Challenge, 9.) JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, 10.) Pro Am 3-Gun Championship, 11.) Ozark 3-Gun Championship, 12.) FNH USA 3-Gun Championship, 13.) Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge, 14.) Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun, 15.) 3GN International Multigun, Presented by Rockcastle Shooting Center.


One of the most notable competitions in the 3GN Divisional races is the Semi-Pro. With more than 150 competitors in the 2013 Semi-Pro division, this competition has evolved into one of the most robust in all of the 3-Gun Nation points races. Currently, Semi-Pro competitor John Browning, of the Marine Corps Combat Shooting Team, leads the pack, however a great deal of shooting remains to determine the overall Semi-Pro winner. The final points opportunity of this series will be the 3GN International Multigun held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center October 31st. For more information on the semi-pro race visit

At stake? A Stag Arms 3G rifle.


The 3-Gun Nation Divisional Series opens the floodgates for all equipment divisions commonly recognized in outlaw 3-Gun. With the Pro Series focused primarily on the Tactical Optics division, the Divisional Series is built to recognize each of the following divisions: Tactical Optics, Open, Limited (Tactical Irons), Heavy Metal Irons and Heavy Metal Optics. Currently team SureFire pro Mike Voigt leads the Open division, MGM Targets’ Travis Gibson leads Tactical Optics, team Noveske Pro James Casanova leads the Limited division, team SureFire pro Barry Dueck leads the Heavy Metal Irons division and Colt sponsored pro 3-Gunner Scott McGregor leads the Heavy Metal Optics division. For more information on the divisional series visit

Each of the five (5) overall division winners will receive a Stag Arms 3G rifle.


As the sport of 3-Gun continues to grow in popularity, so do the numbers of new competitors participating in the game. The 3-Gun Nation Amateur Division series provides an avenue in which new shooters can post scores and compete in a national points race, and compare their progress against other amateur 3-gunners. The Amateur Series will crown one overall winner, with junior shooter Jake Denno leading the pack thus far. For more information on the Amateur Series visit

At stake? A DoubleStar DSC 3-Gun Rifle.


Created exclusively for the ladies of 3-Gun, the 3-Gun Nation Ladies series recognizes some of the top females in the sport. Unlike the Ladies Pro Tour presented by Samson Manufacturing, the Ladies Divisional Series is open to any female to compete. The Ladies Divisional Series will crown one overall winner for 2013. Currently there are 20 female members signed up for this series and there is plenty of time, and matches left to sign up and participate. Currently Kay Miculek of team Smith and Wesson leads the pack. For more information on the Ladies Divisional series visit

At stake? A DoubleStar DSC 3-Gun Rifle.


The name says it all. The junior shooters are the future of 3-Gun and the future of America. 3GN will continue to reward juniors as they climb the 3-Gun rankings and become the pro shooters of tomorrow. The Junior Divisional Series will crown one overall winner for 2013. Currently there are 14 Junior members signed up for this series and there is plenty of time, and matches left to sign up and participate. At press time, junior shooter Jake Denno leads the pack.

At stake? A DoubleStar DSC 3-Gun Rifle.

Image courtesy 3 Gun Nation

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