50 Lower Receivers On Tap for New Clubs

To say the 3GN Club Series is off to a good start might be an understatement. Sponsored by NRA Sports and presented by Remington Arms, the 3GN Club Series has already guaranteed fifty Remington VersaMax shotguns for the first clubs that have joined. Now, thanks to Barnes Precision Machine, the next fifty are guaranteed a stripped lower receiver to give to its 3GN Club members.

For many, this marks a new beginning to the sport. One that will help grow 3-Gun at local clubs across the country.

“We are excited by the support this program has gotten so far,” said 3GN President Pete Brown. “This is our first official season and the response has been stellar. Our hope is this program, in conjunction with its great sponsors, continues the forward momentum of the sport of 3-Gun at the local level.”

How It Works

The keystone feature of the 3GN Club Series is the Classifier system, the first ever developed for the sport of 3-gun. 3GN Club members will receive classification upon shooting their first Classifier stage, while future classifications will be based on an average of a shooter’s top four scores. Classification time standards for each Classifier stage are being set by 3GN Pro Series competitors, which are all logging stage times. That means every shooter in the country can compare their skills with the best in the game, all without ever leaving their home range.

The classifications are:

Expert 95-100%

Pro 84-94.99%

Semi-Pro 75-83.99%

High Marksman 60-74.99%

Marksman 40-59%

Amateur 2-39.99%

National Points Race

The 3GN Classifier Stages also form the basis for the 3GN Club Series Points Race. The 3GN Club Series recognizes the following divisions: Tactical Optics, Open, Tactical Iron, Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal Optics.

3GN Classifier scores will form the comparison for the 3GN Club Series Points Race, with the national winner of each division awarded a PSA PA-15 3G 20” AR-15 from Palmetto State Armory. In addition, the top shooter in each division, from every 3GN Club, will receive an invite to compete in the following year’s 3GN Pro Series Qualifier! That’s right, you can earn a slot to compete against the pros by competing in your local club match at your home range.

Classifications, a points race for prizes, and slots in the 3GN Pro Series Qualifier are all on the line through the 3GN Club Series. And the cost for the individual member is $25.

Prizes for All

Along with classification and a national points race, 3GN, with the support from its sponsors, has added an amazing list of prizes to be given away randomly to every 3GN Club. As the presenting sponsor, the first fifty (50) 3GN Clubs were guaranteed a free Remington VersaMax shotgun and a HiperFire AR-15 trigger. And now, thanks to Barnes Precision Machine, the next 50 clubs are to receive a stripped lower receiver.

To ensure every shooter—of every skill level—has something to play for, these club prizes will all be given away randomly. This prize system will also reward participation, as the more club matches one shoots, the more chances 3GN members get to win the club prize.

3GN Club TV

To help drive the program, 3GN has launched a new, web-based television program: 3GN Club TV, presented by Palmetto State Armory. 3GN Club TV profiles the lifestyle, techniques and achievements of everyday 3-gun enthusiasts in the 3GN Club Series. With 15 episodes airing online in 2013, the program will feature clubs coast-to-coast. In addition, each episode will feature intense and in-depth training segments provided by Palmetto State Armory’s Training Division.

Get in the Game

In order to be eligible for any of the 3GN club prizes offered, shooters must sign up as a competition member online at http://memberships.3gunnation.com. For match directors seeking more information, contact Charles Sole (charles@3gunnation.com) or Tennille Chidester (tennille@3gunnation.com).

Image courtesy 3 Gun Nation

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