Honored American Veterans Afield Receives Numerous Commitments

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) announced completion of their largest NRA Annual Meeting raffle ever and numerous individuals and companies stepped up their contributions to HAVA’s service to disabled veterans and injured active duty military. HAVA raised over $10,000 from its annual SHOT and NRA raffle, and awarded valuable prizes to winners at the Sunday 5/5/13 drawing via product donations from sponsors Smith & Wesson, Mossberg, Surefire and Sig Sauer. In addition to the raffle, HAVA also received major funding and volunteer commitments from:

  1. Ruger – A large donation from a GunBroker.com auction for unique Ruger firearms
  2. Taurus – Joins as new sustaining sponsor
  3. Sisk Rifles – A donation from a GunsAmerica.com auction for a custom .308 rifle
  4. NASGW – A large donation from the industry distributor trade association
  5. Freedom Munitions – Funded the purchase of a custom Action Trackchair to allow non-ambulatory veterans to hunt and shoot competitively
  6. Plans confirmed to add two additional Family Day events.

With existing support and as a result of these financial and resource successes, HAVA will host approximately 1,000 disabled vets and wounded active duty military personnel during 2013.

“HAVA continues to receive strong sponsor support from an increasing group of shooting sports industry companies,” said HAVA Chairman Tom Taylor. “Our mission of service to those who have given so much for America continues to resonate with our industry and companies increasingly understand that they and their competitors can all join in this “must-do” effort to put these military heroes back into active outdoor activities. We are privileged to represent dozens of companies, and have become the industry’s strongest pro-veteran statement in recent years. We invite all industry companies to join in this effort to rebuild the veteran’s confidence, that despite his or her injuries, the best days from them and their families are still ahead.”

For more information about HAVA, please visit www.honoredveterans.org

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